Recogonized and Approved by the Esteemed  Ministry of Science & Technology  of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.
Recogonized and Approved by the Esteemed  Ministry of Health of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.

From education to talents; RASA group empowers to facilitate and coordinate the learners and educators across the globe especially in African countries starting from schools to university level to envisage, reflect and craft a better prospect.

Our charisma in each of the education fathom will be marked with technology-enabled products, high quality people, well thought-out processes and entrepreneurial leadership, that come together to deliver consummate significance. From pre-school toddlers to doctoral students, from core curriculum subjects at the school & college level to vocational & employability skills for young, about-to-enter-the-job-market adults; RASA will be accomplishing to the entire education life cycle.

Our company has a widespread arena in various sectors related to education from school to university level.

The innards of our solution services are to dramatically improve the learning outcomes and to raise the impediment to ingress for contest even higher. Our squirt of online and supplemental education solutions will be consistently reaching out to students and teachers with innovative solutions leveraging the best of education technology. The backbone of our expansion across the global value chain will be of burly young professionals dedicated to creating quality Content and to serve the entire education ecosystem.

The innovative horde of educational aids will comprise text books, work books, lesson plans, work sheets, activities and projects, teaching manuals and man power.
If education is all about intellectual and mental evolution, then RASA is about raising the tempo and poise of that fruition and will be achieving new echelons of success. The making of RASA is a story of building impartiality across the education value chain; of being the change that is needed in the world of education, to ignite the fire of learning and the desire to teach, impacting entire communities, and changing lives of millions of students and teachers to be evidence for ….  How Erudition Can Be?

Our Vision

We SYMBOLIZE  to be an innovative company in the education ecosystem.

Our Mission

To OUTCLASS as universal customary solutions sourcing with enduring partnership and team work.