RASA is an ambitious and tutelage Oriented Organization from India and the organization encompass to spread its service across the entire education ecosystem. The name RASA itself symbolizes our Radiant nature with Ardent dedication towards work springing Scalable growth fetching Assertive outcome.

Our charisma in each of the education fathom will be marked with technology-enabled products, high quality people, well thought-out processes and entrepreneurial leadership, that come together to deliver consummate significance. From pre-school toddlers to doctoral students, from core curriculum subjects at the school & college level to vocational & employability skills for young, about-to-enter-the-job-market adults; RASA will be accomplishing to the entire education life cycle.

We design and develop the scenario specifically to meet the organizational requirements. We work across all industry sectors, employing a simple yet effective approach to each project. By developing long-term strategic partnerships with Private and Public sector organizations, we give a specialized focus on the needs of our candidates. One of the key goals for the RASA team is to establish a Human Resources infrastructure that supports employers, owners and managers in their current business and the future growth requirements.

Our Team

RASA has a team of experts to provide comprehensive support of companies, institutions and other units in the public and private sector in the area of selection and recruitment of qualified personnel. We guarantee a full outsourcing service for the entire recruitment process.

Our Vision

We SYMBOLIZE to be an innovative company in the education ecosystem.

Our Mission

To OUTCLASS as universal customary solutions sourcing with enduring partnership