About Us


As a Recruiter, RASA creates the opportunity to work with our clients World Wide and we screen, interview, and place qualified candidates for contract and permanent positions.

The Advantages of our Recruiting Approach

Because we do such a great job screening, selecting, and placing our professionals, companies continue to want them back. As a result, we form long-term relationships with our professionals, often making it easier to work with us and place them. 

Place Professional and Industrial Talent with RASA

RASA is always looking for the right people to join our team and focus on the recruitment and placement of engineering, medical, teaching, architectural, and other related professionals. See what exciting RASA employment opportunities are available.


RASA offers consultancy services to the clients worldwide, which comprises of:

  •  Recruitment services and consultancy
  • Student’s higher education
  • Technical Consultancy
  • Facility Management
  • Software Development and consultancy
  • Innovative Solutions
  • Training Programs
  • Education related consultancy


Our training solutions include both soft skills and life skills. We serve and offer training program, where we shall carry the workforce up the learning curve in a fast, cost-effective and timely manner. This not only saves learning time but also helps build and refine a client’s workforce, leading to operational excellence and an improvement in the use of English at work.

We also serve to our clients globally both in Educational sectors and Corporate sectors.

We offer technical training program, especially for students and faculties in all fields of Engineering & Medicine.

IT Services :

We coordinate our clients in developing new strategies to improvise their work standards and their requirements.
Our service includes software development and hardware supply, services and maintenance.

Educational Consultancy:

We plunge our service to the educational institutions, where we guide students for their higher studies, project work and student’s counselling.

Our strengths

  • We do hold database of well qualified professionals plentifully in all emerging fields in Technology, Medicine and other departments of various universities.
  • We provide round the clock service and serve as required by our client’s need and we also hold 24/7 client support
  • We have an explicit expert team comprising Indian Professors and educationists for a preliminary scrutinizing of the candidature, thus, we know how in Initial Scrutinizing and Presenting the Right Candidate Easing the Selection Process.
  • We shall provide online interview.
  • We have a horde of candidates in rare specializations such as Railway Engineering, Polymer Engineering, Materials Engineering, Rehabilitation Engineering, Clinical Engineering, Ceramic Engineering and every specialized medical personnel.
  • We are surefire solution provider for your every step in the educational ecosystem across the globe